Jose Ramirez “Centenario”

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Jose Ramirez “Centenario”


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面板 : 白松/紅松
弦長 : 650mm
背側板 : 印度玫瑰木
指板 : 烏木
弦線 : Ramirez 弦線
弦軸 : Gold with White Pearl Buttons
油漆 : Lacquer
結他盒 : Ramirez Hardshell Case
國家 : 西班牙
貨號: C-JR-Centenario. 分類: , , . 標籤: .


“Centenario” means 100 years, and here it represents the 100 year anniversary of guitar making of the Ramírez family. The guitar is made from the workshop’s finest materials which they have collected over many, many years. The tops are the 1st pick of the 1st class soundboards. The same goes for the rosewood back and sides. The intricate detailing on this model include a sculpted heel cap, boxwood inlay in the headstock, tapered ebony on the back of the neck, ending in a “rosewood bouquet” on the back of the headstock, as well as extremely intricate wood inlays in the purfling and rosette. Great power, beauty of sound and wonderfully easy to play.

A hardshell case is included with this guitar.

About Ramirez Concert Guitars

Jose Ramirez Concert guitars are considered the most prestigious of all Ramirez Guitars. Each all-solid guitar is handmade with only the finest choices of woods and premium decorations. Built by a few luthiers in the small Ramirez workshop, each guitar is a truly unique instrument that has the  stamp of approval from Amalia Ramirez herself.

Will be confirmed within 24 hours after purchase. 在收到訂單24小時內確認