2014 Jose Marin Plazuelo “Bouchet"

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2014 Jose Marin Plazuelo “Bouchet"

SOLD (Order on request)

Jose Marin Plazuelo, nephew of the great Granda master guitar maker, Antonio Marin Montero, learned the art of fine guitar making at his uncle’s side. Although he continues to share his uncle’s workshop, he has been building fine handcrafted concert guitars for many years under his own name.

A great master in his own right, his highly regarded classical guitars – quite similar to his esteemed uncle’s concert instruments – are quick to respond, light in weight, and possess lovely overall tonal characteristics. Expect round focused trebles, rich firm basses, excellent balance, evenness. projection and playability.

年份 : 2014
面板 : 白松
背側板 : 中南美洲玫瑰木
Nut Width : 52 mm
弦長 : 650mm
油漆 : 法國漆
國家 : 西班牙
貨號: C-JMP-BOUCHET. 分類: , , . 標籤: .


We consider this maker to be one of the finest, most consistent guitar makers in the world at anywhere near this price. His guitars have outstanding tonal qualities, are expertly made with great attention to detail and are just plain fun to play. They follow in the tradition of Santos and Barbero being very light and fairly small bodied. This is a “Bouchet” model nearly identical to the guitar made by his well-known uncle, Antonio Marin Montero which features the lighter 5-fan bracing system and “under bridge” brace. This increases the flexibility of the top while maintaining structural stability, and when done properly (as in this Marin/Plazuelo system), greatly increases dynamic range and tone modulation of the instrument. It is regarded by many as one of the great innovations of the 20th century first used by French luthier Robert Bouchet, who was a friend and colleage of Antonio Marin. Playability is a dream, and materials are superb, including a stunning piece of CSA rosewood used for the back and sides.

Will be confirmed within 24 hours after purchase. 在收到訂單24小時內確認